Seat Extender

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Especially developed and designed by a 6' 2"driver owner of the XJS during 14 hr long painful trips. The extenders are sold as a set for both seats and increase your legroom from 6" to 10" without any modification to your seat rail or car in less than an hour. You simply remove the four bolts holding the seat to the floor, install the extenders to the floor (bolts and instructions included) then bolt the seat and rail to the extender, and enjoy your XJS like never before in great comfort as drivers not as tall. I am so happy to share the comfortable experience that I have enjoyed, for the last 10 years. The Set is made of solid aluminum then powder coated to match the original seat rail. For Convertible or Coupe. Patent pending US 62/548,333

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    Great minds think alike!

    Posted by Benjamin on Nov 30th 2017

    I was so glad to find that someone had taken my idea and made it a reality for the rest of the world. I'm 100% satisfied, installation was very easy. A fantastic upgrade and a whole new level of comfort. It's been great to deal with such a friendly and understanding, knowledgeable fellow Jaguar enthusiast!

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    XJS seat extender

    Posted by David Greenhoe on Nov 30th 2017

    Mr. Sorrell’s XJS Seat Extender invention is a godsend for us tall guys with long legs! I’ve been driving my XJS for years in an extreme reclined position – loving the car, but putting up with a certain amount of seating discomfort, just so I could move my feet and legs around for getting in and out. When I first read about LeRoy’s Extenders, I doubted they’d really make a difference since it seemed that the seats already went clear back to the rear seat. Long story short – they do make a huge difference. The extender allows the seat to go back a couple inches further, and maybe because it’s slightly higher, it’s possible to still get a good rake on the back. Do you have long legs? All I can say is “this is money well spent!”
    A word about the seller: LeRoy Sorrell is a real stand-up guy. I ordered my Extenders shortly before Hurricane Irma caused a mess in Jacksonville, which is where Mr. Sorrell outsources the manufacture of his product. In spite of the hitches the flooding caused, he pushed things through while keeping me informed of the necessary delays. On top of that, he stayed in touch, guiding me through the installation process when I was stalled (and which I must confess, took me more than an hour.) Short short – if you have long legs and drive an XJS, order these – you won’t be sorry! (And the installation is really pretty straightforward.)