About Us

Jaguar world corp is a Florida corporation. I have been selling XJS parts on eBay since 2006. In the interest of growth, this site is a better fit for navigating and added items as it will eventually have over 4,000 XJS items.

My journey with Jaguar began in the mid-seventies at the age of 16 with a project 1963 XKE that I bought for $350 and $400 for the paint job from a man who owned a body shop in Amityville, NY. I had to wet sand between each coat of paint. I lived in the neighboring town Copiague a very small Italian village. Amityville was a large village and had a newer and larger library with AC, a camera shop, two banks a Chinese hand laundry, private police dept and a train stop that was a less expensive zone for my trips to Manhattan when I wanted to visit the two Rolls dealerships and hang out on Wall Street to watch the movers and shakers and dream of having an office there.

I sold the XKE several months later for $4500 so I could build my limousine service. It was not until 2004 before I bought my first XJS after selling my Porsche 928 that was my daily driver but in need of service costing around $14000 but I did not want to put that much into an automatic 928. So I made a small profit selling it and then the treasurer of our car club in Hilton Head Island, who was also the president of the Porsche Club in Savannah, called me and asked how I felt about an XJS and I told him it was always on my list. He told me of an XJS that was on eBay with 18,000 mi and located in Detroit. After speaking to the Atty. who was the owner and only selling it as he was short of space due to his wife requesting an XK8 because her girlfriend showed up at the club with one. We agreed on $15,000 that was about $8,000 under the market because his mechanic could not solve a check engine light and overflow from the fuel tank issue if you filled the tank.

I arrived at Metro airport the next day with a bank check in my pocket ready to drive back to South Carolina. As I came down the escalator, I could see that no one could pass the car without giving thumbs-up, making compliments and asking to take photos. Well after seeing this, then lowering the top and taking a drive for about 30 minutes, I asked him to call his wife so she could pick him up. She showed up in the XK8. By the way, Hilton Head Jaguar found out the check engine light and fuel tank overflow was related and repaired for under $1,000 Well they visited Hilton Head several months later and I picked them up in my wife’s Rolls and we delivered his wife to a meeting she had then he asked if I was tired of the XJS yet, so I responded by stating it was my garage and not yet registered then I asked why he would ask such a question, well he said, whenever he drove the XJS he received constant compliments but now driving the XK8 no one says anything and he would like to buy it back. Well, I soon drove the car to Greenwich, CT to our home there to register it. This trip was 14 hours and over several years I made most of the trips in my 95 XJS. About two years after buying the 95, I also purchased an 87 Coupe with about 80,000 miles on the clock. Then about two years following the purchase of the Coupe, I purchased an 87 XJSC with 33,000 miles on the clock that was well maintained and stored in a climate-controlled garage since new. I am currently restoring my 95 Convertible with 136,000 miles on the clock, consisting of paint, interior, top, and suspension.

LeRoy Sorrell