How To Buy An XJS A PDF Buyers Guide

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This guide was created to help you save $$$$$$ thousands of dollars before you make your purchase rather than after buying the wrong car then you will be thousands in the hole with not much chance of recovery. With the purchase of the guide, you will receive a 15% discount for all of 2017.

This guide and its contents is the result of close to 20 years of the author owning and servicing a 95 Convertible, an 87 Coupe, an 87 XJSC and dismantling 15 XJS cars in the years of 87 to 95 with 13 of them being 94 and 95. This guide gives you a step-by-step detailed written description of the XJS and to assist you while performing a pre-purchase inspection for an XJS. During the inspection, you may find parts that need repair or replacement. This buyers guide describes these items and the estimated cost to repair or replace. This guide primarily addresses the XJS produced from 93 to 96 equipped with the inline six AJ6 engine which is the least costly to maintain and the late 93 to 96 known as the facelift model have a more modern look and tend to be even more desirable with the more robust appearance with its spoiler combined bumper covers. And explains in detail the most common issues of many parts, their condition, cost to repair or replace, disassembly and more. To get your copy now. You will receive your PDF copy within 24hrs