Carello Glass Headlight Lens Set L&R

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Carello Jaguar XJS Glass Headlight Lens. Only 3 Pair Left


Classic car garage is the only exclusive XJS parts supplier and has 3 pair of the last production that Jaguar made 20 years ago. We are selling them for the same amount Jaguar did when they offered them.

The cost is $430 per pair, left and right side. This price includes shipping to Japan. They are no longer available. Therefore, if yours are damaged, you can no longer by them and the only option for you is to change your headlights to the dual type from the 1980’s that were used on cars in the States. To order your very rare set of the oval Euro glass headlight lens. We are in the process of moving into our new warehouse, so it will take some time to post the thousands of XJS parts in our inventory on the site so feel free to email your request.