Your XJS test drive

You may be ready to purchase your first XJS and have some questions about what to expect during the test drive. Now this is a short quick checklist for the test drive only as there are many other items that I cover in the buyer's guide

When you start the car, lights on the dash will come on and should soon go off in about 15 to 45 seconds however periodically look at the engine temp to see if it runs hot. The temp should be between one quarter and just below the halfway mark, the middle of the gauge once the engine is up to operating temperature depending on the outside temperature. While test-driving as tempting as it is, do not listen to music. This is when you need to pay attention to any sounds coming from the car. If there is any whining sound this could be a brake issue, front or rear hub bearings, or the worst the differential. If there is grinding when you apply the brakes then for sure the rotors are bad and this normally occurs in the front.

If there is a knocking sound it could be ball joints or tie rods. These are only suggestions as cars can have any of these sounds and could very well be something else. Make sure the transmission shifts smoothly and no jumping or jerking. Check the exhaust for smoke, when you first start the engine and when warm (around 5min) rev it up then look again by immediately going to the back and repeat when you return from the test drive. As well check the temp gauge again and if it is between the middle of the gauge and close to the red, then there is a cooling issue that could be a simple fix or it could be catastrophic. Either way, this needs to be identified before purchase.

We have a few cars that are for sale. These are cars that are great cars that need some items replaced such as suspension bushing and shocks will be replaced. All hoses and fuel lines, plugs, and wires will be replaced. The carpet and seats will be totally new especially for you. We are not offering project cars. We are building a 40,000 SF XJS restoration, parts, and sales facility in Palatka, FL. The cars we have now and will continue to be restored by Jaguar professionals with many years of experience servicing and restoring the brand. Again they are not project cars as you can find those online and hope for the best. What we are offering is plug and play trouble-free XJS. Serious inquiries can submit your interest on the contact form here on the site with your preference of Coupe or Convertible including budget and we will respond with an answer if we can provide you with the XJS of your dream.



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