Your first V12 drive home

My first XJS was a 95 inline-six Convertible but two years later when I purchased my first V12 was an 86 in NJ. So I purchased a one-way ticket from Columbia, SC to Philadelphia to pick it up and drive back to our SC home, I never turned on the radio so I could listen to the sound of the engine and the enjoyment of the smoothness caused me to be as excited as someone who stood in line for a few hours hoping to get into Studio 54 to suddenly be picked to enter. I did not have anyone inspect the car before buying it and I was already in the parts business and I also bought an 85 parts car from the same broker a week later so if I needed any parts would have been fine.

I purchased the car from a broker who bought it at Manheim auction in Bordentown, NJ and I planned to drive back home.  I did not have anyone inspect the car before buying it and I was already in the parts business and I also bought an 85 parts car from the same broker a week later so if I needed any parts would have been fine. Well my wife asked me if I was going to our home in Greenwich, CT to leave the car there and my response was no, I want to drive it back south. She asked a question several others did, are you really going to drive an unknown car so far?

I made a decision to do it. When I grew up in NY there was a TV show named the flintstones and they lived in a town named bedrock. Fred Flintstones' car was propelled my everyone placing their feet on the ground and running. So I did not know if this first V12 XJS was going to get me home, down the street, or even out of the parking lot. I did not know if I could have auditioned for a new version of the flintstones, but I was so in love with the car I was going for it. Now here is the tip, its okay to believe you can make it but that V12 may have other plans. So just in case, carry your towing card. But I also had a plan. I called the Jaguar dealership in Willington Delaware and made an appointment for a full inspection the following day. This is called a PPI pre-purchase inspection. I know! The whole idea is to have this performed prior to the purchase, But this car had a great history and service records and it ran well. So this was a chance I was willing to take.

There was a Marriott just down the street from the dealer which is where I spent the sleep and make periotic trips back down to the garage to admire my 86 V12. I had known the windshield wiper did not work so the dealer said it would take a few days to get the parts to fix it. So with everything else working well, they sprayed Rain-X on the glass and I hit the road humming Ray Charles song Hit the road. I have always had great sound systems installed in my cars but the sound of that V12 motor was such sweet music and I wanted to enjoy the full version of the concert.  Well as the V12 symphony was entertaining me, the rock and roll band name thunder, lightning and rain began to interrupt the flow, I now could see if the Rain-X would really work.

Well with the high speed I was driving of which I will not say as the officer may be still looking for me 15 years later, the heavy rain just rolled off just as quickly as it landed and the trip was a wonderful one. So if you find a V12 that has great service records but may have sat around for a little time and you want to drive it home I say look for a nearby dealer if possible or a well-known service shop which you fellow Jaguar online family can be of great help in this area so you can have it inspected before you purchase.

However, if you have deep pockets and want to experience the full Monty as they say then go for it. And if you would like to reach out to me to let me know when you plan to do this for extra phone call support along the way, that will be the day I hang a gone fishing sign on my door. As Malcolm Forbes said in his book the sayings of chairman Malcolm, “once you give advice, you're obligated. It reminds me of a comedy skit in the Wall Street Journal during the 80s where a guy is running into his office late on Monday and tells the secretary if anyone calls and says I met them at Club Med this weekend, tell them I’m not in!

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