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Here is a short V12 story I want to share with you all. Some may remember last year my mention of my 85-year-old buddy in Miami beach who wrecked his 92 after running into an abandoned disabled car on an entrance ramp to 95. The whole front was torn up, hood, headlights grille, radiator cross-member, hood hinges, and fenders.

This took place the beginning of last year so he had the car taken to his condo and left it as he drove one of his classic Mercedes for a couple of months before leaving in the spring to spend the summer at his New York home. I met him in Miami in November when he returned to take a look at the car to assess what he needed to restore the car as I was providing all the parts.

We talked about his options for a couple of months and he decided to keep the XJS so I sent all the parts to the body shop he found there to do the job which came out absolutely beautiful. I suggested he have the whole car painted as there were a couple of dents on the rear quarter as well from the car hitting a side rail. Well, he picked up the car this week and took it for a drive to a café he enjoys having breakfast at but said the check engine light came on the car was running rough and asked if he should have the shop that services his cars pick it up?

I asked how much gas was in the car when he had the accident last year and he said the same amount that was in it this week about half a tank. I told him I was sure the solution was going to cost around $5 rather than what he thought the shop would charge around a grand or more. I told him to pick up a bottle of fuel injector cleaner, go to the gas station, pore in the bottle then fill the tank as the turbulence from the pump will mix the cleaner in well. Then get on 95 and drive a few exits like he was a teenager. Yesterday he called me to say the check engine light went off and the car is running smoothly again, problem solved.

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  • Ah yes, the old ‘Italian Tune-up’. Works a treat, but the cops seem to have a sense of humour failure if they catch you doing it…


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