XJS Prices Explained

Well, here we are again with the most favorite XJS topic. XJS values. But the main question in the minds of most is why are the prices all over the place? You see many blockbuster deals all over the net from $5,000 to the one that was seen online this week at 99,000 Pound Sterling around $126,680.00 U.S. Okay folks here in the States calm down and let’s not get so excited like a puppy humping his master's leg with excitement. As well there was one in Huntington NY last year that was first listed for 135k and it did exactly what the seller wanted it to do, raise eyebrows. A few months later it was offered for around 100k and the last I saw of it was around 85k then it vanished off the scene.

Could someone have purchased it for that price? It is possible as it was a perfect turn-key car.  We are not there just yet where these are normal numbers. There are always collectors who will pay what seems as enormous numbers to most for an absolutely one of a kind example, but this means absolutely flawless. I’m talking about the type of condition that leaves your tongue in a position close to the floor. So you ask what is going on these low numbers while the latter seems to be in another galaxy? Here is the rationale as I see it. We all have heard that you can always come down but you can’t go up. Some of us questioned if the day would ever come when the XJS will ever become a serious consideration for collectors. Well, that day has arrived. When I bought my first XJS in 2004, I had no idea what was to come as far as knowledgeable people to service it and the lack of availability of parts. I had all my cars at that time serviced by dealers and quickly discovered these things.

This was also the beginning of the price dropping of the brand mostly due to people giving up on the XJS because of the service and parts issues. The main cause of the lack of proper service around that time was the mechanics who serviced and knew the XJS was retiring and being replaced by young technicians who were trained to plug a computer into the car and have the system tell them what the problem is. The other issue facing us XJS owners was the fact that Jaguar began to show us that the company had no interest in supporting the parts that we so needed.

This is what led to my purchase of the first parts car in 2006. I posted two videos on our site three years ago of several collectors/experts who make up the Haggerty forums where they all agreed that the XJS was one of the number one emerging classics. Three years ago, where a 94 sold for $10,000, and a year later a 94 sold at Barrett Jackson in PB for $20,000 needing a little work. Following this sale, two from one collection here in FL sold for $35,000. Both had new interiors. Then Bonhams in the UK sold one owner, all original, low mileage for over 55k.

Okay, you say you are still puzzled as to the low numbers here in the States! Remember that most of the XJS’s are most likely here in the States from the early years mostly because we here have always had a thirst for bigger engines and faster sports models while a good deal of Europe’s economy was still recovering from WW2. Even though in the mid 70’s we had gas shortages and I must say in NY we had our share. What I’m getting at is many of the early cars were mothballed for many years and are now beginning to see the light of day as many of the dreams of getting them back on the road traveled to the grave with the owners and the estates are just wanting to see them go as they have no interest in them.

So it is safe to say that if you are so fortunate enough to have found one of those well maintained low mileage examples, then you have the cream of the crop. As in real estate where its location, location, location, in the classic car world its documentation, documentation, documentation. I have purchased some cars for top asking price with only adequate photos because of documentation from day one, and I know some of my former neighbors in Greenwich, CT who purchased multi-million-dollar cars in this manner. And the main thing to remember is that your buying a $200 pig and slapping some lipstick on it is just a waste of your time because documentation is not equal to that thing you saw in a junkyard and thought it would be your retirement plan with the plated gold watch you received at your so-called retirement party, and then collecting your receipts from the local parts store and installed by you or that guy who works for a bottle of the cheapest thing you can buy.


  • in the uk the prices are all over the place but i have just bought a 1994 xjs for 9 k pounds which is about right for a clean but not perfect xjs in england and yes prices are rising so your not alone but i think they will jump up over the next 5 years

    jed pledge
  • I recall just getting my ’93 convertible home, when an ad appeared for a XJS in an estate sale about 40 miles from my home that had 20k miles on it and was asking $1500.00. That was 2014. I would have gone and bought it but for marital considerations. It was tough. Car or wife car-wife car wife? I settled for happy life.


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