Would you rent an XJS before buying?

I hear from people every week who have considered buying an XJS but have no idea where to start. Those you on the Face book groups see the request for guidance posted as well, where people are asking questions prior to making a purchase. Most are the people who stood by the sidelines for years fearful of the XJS because of too many myths concerning owning, operating and maintaining one.

Things such as you need to buy two as one will always be in the shop. Other things like they are too expensive to maintain. This one is only true in the case where someone sees one for sale for $500 and knows that their $500 budget to fix the car is not nearly enough, but they like lying to themselves and want to impress the other $30 millionaires on their block that they perhaps hit the lottery of sorts or is the one person on the block who can afford such a car. You know that person who picked it up 10 years ago and only drive it on occasion because they have no clue what to do to get it running and for sure no money to do it with. But keeping up appearances is all that matters. The whole time giving the brand a bad name as they drive this noisy, bouncing all over the road, ugly peeling paint, old dried out tires that do not match and an interior that is in such bad shape that the dried out leather and foam, stick to the Saturday night fever polyester shirt they are waring.

Now you the person who can afford a great example and who would respectfully purchase a proper XJS are just not sure which is best for you. A pre-facelift or a facelift. A convertible or a Coupe. An inline-six or a V12. You may be taller than 6 feet and are concerned that there is not enough legroom. This was one of my concerns which led me to create the XJS seat extender. So here you are, a financially stable youth or a retired person ready to live it up a bit. But you just do not know where to start! And once you purchase one, it's yours. You may be one of the people who are not yet addicted to the point that you feel you can’t just have one!

So, you ask yourself, how can I drive one for some time without purchasing one that will be a proper great looking and operating XJS that someone else is responsible for maintenance and all you have to do is drive and enjoy! Well you can borrow one from the person you know who every time you see them, you begin to itch like a desperate drug addict or someone with poison oak or ivy. Well, what if there were a company that specialized in the rental of XJS that will deliver the car to you and pick up when your rental expires? Then you may choose to buy the rental or another one in stock or rent another one that may be a V12 or inline-six. A convertible or a Coupe.

We are working out the details to offer such a service once we get settled on our new location in Florida. Anyone who would be interested in doing so and owners who have very nice examples that you have not been able to get your asking price and would like to know how this new service can benefit you, please contact us through the site or email us. info@jagxjsparts.com

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