Why renting an XJS make sense before buying.

Many people this past week questioned the benefits of renting an XJS before buying, so here are the answers to the questions that many have.

  • You have always wanted to buy one but have heard many things that may or may not have been true that caused you to tremble and shake in your boots just at the thought of owning one. But the urge to drive one is always a reality for you.
  • You are not a mechanic or may have limited skills but first and foremost, you have no interest in working on your cars and always pay someone else to perform all maintenance and service on your cars. So renting an XJS with no concern of repairs is music to your ears, and especially when you have a choice of the car and color.
  • You are not sure what body style of the brand you would like, Pre-facelift or facelift. Early facelift with the pre-facelift bumpers or the last of the facelift with the spoiler/bumper cover in one from 94 to the final year, the 96.
  • You are not sure if you would prefer a pre-facelift or facelift Coupe or a Convertible. And again the body style began to change in 89 when Jaguar introduced its first factory Convertible and then the headlights changed from the four-round known as quads in cars sold in the States to the oval style in 92 as well as the rear quarter glass change in the same year on the Coupe.
  • You have heard many people who make statements like you should only get an inline-six because it is much less costly to maintain than a V12 but this is not a determining factor in your decision, either because you will not be working on the car anyway and you are in a position to get what pleases you and not based on price to purchase or cost of maintaining as a proper Jag.
  • Even if you can afford to pay for the service and maintenance, most of the people who worked on the XJS have retired or passed away. Therefore, if you rent a near-perfect car from a company that has the staff with the expertise, you can rest easy knowing that if an issue presents itself, you know where to send it once purchased. Also, while renting, you get to see and experience first hand what is fact or myth. And if you have a service agreement, shipping to and from the service center will give you an XJS experience like no other.

All the reasons noted above is the main rationale to why someone would want to rent an XJS before buying. Now the benefits of having rented and perhaps driven a few different body styles, inline-six or V12 will contribute to your wise and educated decision. Well, you now know what you want to buy and you like to keep things simple so you choose one you rented. Someone mentioned what is the difference in renting before buying compared to a test drive? Well first off most test drives last no more than 30 minutes which is hardly enough time to know how to operate all the components in the car and never enough to learn what items may be acting up and about to go bad. Typical test drives are just not enough time for you to make a coherent decision but just enough time for you to make an ill-informed purchase.

If the rental you have is a near-perfect car with everything that needed restoring or replaced already performed, you know that for the most part, your purchase will be one of the best examples you can buy with all service performed by XJS specialist and not the novice who did the best they could with a limited budget but gave up and sold you a work in progress which you may not have any interest in but there is enough about the car you do like, that you pull the trigger and now its all yours good or bad. This is a service that will be available from the XJS restoration center. We are ironing out a few last details concerning insurance as there are a limited amount of companies who for one cover classics and the most important and unique is rental. There will be a limited number of cars to choose from. Therefore, there will be a limited number of potential owners fortunate enough to get selected as a member. And there will be some requirements to qualify to include but not limited to a garage to keep the car in. More details to come in the near future. Interested parties in the rental program only, should reply to info@jagxjsclub.com

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