Why do they do that?

So you wonder what it is that I am talking about and who! Well, before I place the key in the ignition, you can sip on the cup of coffee, take the trash out, grab the pooper scooper and take rover for his walk, greet all of the neighbors, and especially harry at the end of the block who never falls short of telling you how much he enjoys his new ride and asking you for the last five years when are you going to get something new? Oh, he has no idea what is coming.

You return home and push that magic button that can either take you on a magic carpet ride or guide you right over an open septic tank. Now you and Google are on the search. That’s right this is the day that you are ready to pull the trigger on that item that will have the neighborhood talking about their admiration of your choice of style. Oh but what about harry? Well, he will have the look on his face as if he was an organ grinder whose monkey was just shot.

So they all are there in front of you for the asking price of $500 to $50,000 and you have the funds to buy most of the choices under 15k or you can always contact that distant relative who at the annual family gatherings always has this great plan for a bank job. So you are looking at these XJS’s and you have to wear a bib to catch the drooling. All those beautiful classic movie stars like curves. Notice I said classic curves when curves were appreciated and adorned. Style, real style. Now for all of you E-Type folks out there, I am not advocating a testosterone measuring contest here so just have a seat and let us XJS folks have the floor on this one. Now that I got that off my chest, back to the drooling pond.

Great presentation of photos on all sides, they even many times take a nice set of the undercarriage. And the engine bay is so clean perhaps too clean as to be covering up some leaks. For sure such engine bays must be re-inspected following a long test drive as it may reveal a refinery with a busted pipe. But there is something that you notice in many of the XJS listings, why do they always seem to show that photo of the passenger door open showing a beautiful well maintained looking interior?

Because if they showed you the same photo from the driver’s side, the driver’s seat side bolsters will look like an exceptionally large hungry dog was left in the car after someone smeared some meat sauce on it. And what about the people who will show you the driver’s seat but never this area? So, the solution is to never get too excited before they take that area photo or you may end up looking like harry down the street when you show up with that XJS in pristine condition.

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