Who is to blame?

Well, you got impatient and did not follow the advice of myself and many others to have a PPI pre-purchase inspection performed. You thought that a few hundred bucks to pay to get one was too much to spend, being that the asking price is too good to be true and you just could not let this deal get away. Even the beautiful lady you are married to, gave you that look when you were inspecting the car. You know the look! But did you pay attention? Oh no, this was one of those days that you thought you could wing it by giving her a little shop talk that she would not understand but deep down, you know that she knows, that you don’t know.

And the seller was of no help because he conveniently forgot to tell you why he was selling it and all you saw in the ad was the famous last words ”just needs a little TLC” And the ultimate attention grabber “my loss is your gain” so now what? You have it at home after you had to have it towed on what was planned to be a wonderful XJS outing day. Now you may feel like a sacrificial lamb as your wife gives you that look every time something goes wrong with the car, You may feel like declaring war on the seller, but let’s look for a peaceful solution.

First, walk into the bathroom in your home with the largest mirror and just look at yourself. The total silence of course. And then contact that person who you did not want to pay the few hundred bucks and ask for a complete inspection. This will include having the car on a lift. Now, remember whenever hiring someone to conduct a PPI, always ask if they have inspected an XJS before because you do not want to hire the guy who says he knows nothing about Jags but he did stay at a holiday inn the night before.

Therefore, if you can not find someone who knows these cars, you will get a general report that is of very little help in making an educated assessment, then I suggest telling the seller that you would like to have a PPI performed by the nearest Jag dealer if not located way out in armpit Arkansas, and if you are the guy in front of the mirror, this is my suggestion for you at this point. And if you learn that you bought a car that will deplete your retirement fund, then you have a couple of options.

One you could buy a revolver and have a stern conversation with the car, or two you can place the car up for sale and offer the report of the inspection, get what you can for it and the next time, do not be so excited as a puppy humping his new owner's ankle when you see the next XJS for sale ad.

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