Where to find the right XJS

The time has come that you are ready to purchase your first XJS or perhaps you got the bug or some may describe it as an addiction. Oh, but how sweet it is. I would never suggest the use of casual drugs but I sure have no problem offering the experience of the XJS to anyone on this place we call earth. It is an experience imagined by many but due to the limited number produced compared to most cars and that number growing smaller every day, only a few will be so fortunate to own and drive an XJS. All others will have to watch them drive by and experience the ultimate anxiety.

Okay, you say you’re sold but where to get the best car for the money? After all, there seems to be so many available here in the States in various conditions and of course, the prices are all over the place and remember this while searching, can you ask a mother which of her children is her favorite and then some may remember the actress May West who would tell W.C. Fields that he had a face that only a mother could love.

Well, a future solution to this dilemma will be the XJS Restoration, Sales, Parts, and Service Center here in Florida on a 15-acre parcel of land with a private access road named Browns Lane. That’s right folks who remember that was the name of the road that was the home of Jaguar in Coventry England. We had nothing to do with the name nor know the history of how it came to be so it is rather serendipitous. We plan to begin construction in the next 60 days.

Until then we have some great examples that we have carefully selected to represent. These are mostly well documented pristine condition cars for those who want to drive and enjoy as soon as they exchange the check for the keys. We have a link on our home page as cars for sale coming soon. Although none are showing yet, we have several now available and with a message on FB messenger now or an email next week at info@jagxjsforsale.com with your request by preferences, year, Coupe, or Convertible, V12 or inline-six, and color. I have written several articles addressing how to buy an XJS and what to look for so I will not repeat such info here. These articles can be found also here in the blog for the last two years normally every Friday or very early Saturday morning if traveling as I am this weekend.

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