What color is the car

This is one of the most generally asked questions and the most answered incorrectly. So here is an example. Someone walks over to their classic car and take a picture so that they can post it online to ask just anyone to please identify the color, just anyone! Now there are people who have nothing else to do in life but to stand around near where tour buses pull in to town just to pump up their ego by giving instructions to the tourist who does not know that this person does this every day after drinking half a bottle of whiskey, wears contacts that should have been replaced 30 years ago, is color blind, only moved to town a year ago and has only traveled from their home to the tour bus area.

Now as for asking people online is worst because that same tour bus self-appointed independent information bureau also goes online to answer such questions as can someone tell me what is the color of my car? Stevie wonder is a known prankster who has done somethings that caused other celebrities to spread rumors that he can really see! So for all, you know a blind prankster could be answering your online color question? Not to mention that very few people use the original type camera that the professionals used back in the 70s and early 80s when I operated a limo service in Manhattan and provided motor homes for location jobs for the making of films, TV commercials and to the fashion magazines to photo the models on location where the photographers would spend much time adjusting their cameras to compensate for the time of day and lighting plus used reflective screens to get the color right.

Most people are using their smartphone today and do you think that anyone really adjusts the camera settings? Now, what about those people who are so quick to answer these questions online who have not been able to see straight because of the amount booze they drink all day since someone shot their monkey 20 years ago! Oh, yea he will get it right for sure! You nor anyone else can be sure of any color from a photo and especially online because five people will give you five different answers and if your life depended on it none would get it right and you would be a dead man. When dealing with classic cars that have been painted, you can never know if the color was mixed correctly or if someone guessed at it and pointed to a paint chart that may have been close but not correct. Being in the parts and restoration business you learn these things. I often laugh when I see someone asking for something like floor mats or anything in the car that is color-coded and they say its tan. Well for Jaguar in any given year could be several different shades.

I just received a call last week from someone who bought three different pairs of floor mats because they were sold as tan and none were right so if he continues down that route he can start a tan floor mat business. You have two ways to determine the paint or interior color on the Jag but only if it has the original paint and interior. First off on such an older car can be tough for it to remain but when you open the driver's door such as on the XJS you should see a sticker that will give you the paint code and trim code which is the interior color. If the sticker is missing then you may be able to still get it from a dealer by giving them your VIN number. The last resort to be certain is to spend about $65 with Jaguar heritage and they will give you a certified document which is the info from the build sheet. This info will provide engine number, colors, date, and perhaps where it was shipped to. https://www.jaguarheritage.com/archive-services/certificates/


  • My 85 XJS is Antelope Metallic color code AFM and somewhat rare I’m told …im tired of silver,black and other common colors. Great website Leroy..

    Mark Lister
  • My ‘93 conv. is Kingfisher Blue with Barley interior. I like it. Mechanics sometimes list the jag as British racing green depending on how the light hits it. Funny stuff. I’m chuckling at Tan comments.

  • You can also Google the trim and color codes for your year. That’s how I found my ’92 XJS to be Kingfisher Blue with Barley trim. I got a Heritage Certificate a year later. It added the the convertible top (hood) was Beige.

    William Corn

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