V12 Engine Fires

V12 Engine Fires

Well, here we are on a topic that too many times is addressed as manufacturer defect and feared by all. You find your life does not feel complete without that XJS that you have toyed with acquiring but you have heard so many tales about the brand and in particular about the V12 catching fire. Well, you go online for the info to help you decide, as you do not have access to that person you always see driving one but they are normally moving so fast that you can never seem to catch up to ask questions. Perhaps you will see them at the local market or the post office, perhaps at the gas station as you guess that a V12 has to stop on every corner for fuel but no luck on that idea. So you read all sorts of comments from most people who never owned one saying you should not buy one because they always break down or catch fire. And this is true but from neglect or now from just getting old.

Simultaneously you are looking on eBay and they look so nice and clean and some like new! And to top it off they are so inexpensive! This is insane you say to yourself! You are losing sleep and every time I see one, you have to take severe measures to calm yourself down and you just can’t take it anymore so you now decide you are going to find one and buy it. After all, the price is so reasonable! You see the color you like and inquire. Who would think that such a hot car would sell for such a low price, well you decide that it is worth the commitment The car looks really nice low miles and shows signs of being well maintained and the seller may have service records as well so you buy it.

Now you feel you succeeded with a great deal, you know the type that bragging rights are made of. Now for the reality, if the service records do not show replacement of fuel lines, especially the injectors lines and plug wires, you are looking at a bill of a few thousand to correct, and if not done immediately you are just waiting for the day the engine catches on fire. The injector lines are under pressure and when old the rubber dry rots and the next often-neglected thing is the plug wires which are just below the injector lines. Fuel, fumes, and spark is the perfect recipe for a fire for sure. So do your homework before purchase and forget about the looks or the seller stating they never had the job done because it did not need it. The car is 25 plus years old and it must be done. And if there is no proof it has, then consider the cost to do so negotiable.

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