ABS Brake Issues

Brakes locking up on your XJS

So your brakes are locking up on your 88 to 95 and you think that your ABS master cylinder is the culprit, so your search begins for a replacement unit. This units part number is JLM1475 which we sell used for $1,150. Therefore, you will find this to be one of the most valuable tips if you buy this part when yours may be working fine.

I had this reported to me from a new client who said that they were told the master cylinder needed to be replaced at a cost of around $1600 and I immediately remembered a dealership who serviced my XJS telling me that I needed my brake system rebuilt because the brake pedal was not returning to the up position causing the brake lights to remain on. I then adapted a periodic Mercedes service rule for a few of my classic Mercedes to change the brake fluid and the problem was solved for good.

Well, this week's tip is so inexpensive as bleeding the brakes and it is not too time-consuming. If your brakes locked up on, first remove all wheels and closely inspect the calipers for leaks, rust, and ware. I would bet my childhood dog, that in an extreme case your calipers may need to be rebuilt or replaced. Now why my childhood dog, he meant the world to me. 

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