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The title of my weekly article is Tip of the week. I always do my best to do just that, to help others in the community make wise decisions about issues concerning the XJS and sometimes as relevant to other classics where applicable. I also understand that there are many different personal opinions and personal preferences.

As the classic movie title was, Some like it hot! Well, I ruffled a few feathers last week as a few took offense to the content in How far is too far. Sure you can do anything you want with your car. You can throw your children out with the bathwater if you choose. You can perform electrical work on your home while the power is on. You can take a bath while holding a radio in your hand while plugged into the wall. You can oil yourself down and try to hold on to the edge while attempting to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. You can get drunk and play tag with the cars on the Long Island Expressway on a Friday night.

So yes you can do anything you want with your XJS just as the other choices I pointed out here. To be clear, last week's article was dedicated to those who have concerns about modifications to this gem that is now increasing in value seemingly, suddenly, finally rapidly. So to those who would like to buy an XJS V12 just to swap the fine quality, well-engineered engine for a Chevy engine, there is a group for this on, and this modification is called a lump. So there is much support for such a thing.

Now let me also be clear right now that I am in no way suggesting anyone even think of doing this as I am totally opposed to it. However, for others who like to do other wild and out things to an XJS, like converting it into a jeep, I suggest that such types go all the way and contact Caterpillar, the company that makes earth moving machines, and share with them your vision and perhaps they have something that strikes your fancy. Now that I got that off my chest, I am going to see a man about a dog.


  • 🤣. Love it! I have been in a mental debate with myself about swapping out the lighter for a USB port! A real dilemma!! I just decided no, my 95 4.0 shall remain as delivered.

  • I would never tell someone to not convert their V-12 car to a Chevy or Ford, etc. In fact, more power to them — that makes my original V-12 XJS-C a little more scarce and valuable. Same with my Mk VIIM.

    Frederick Beseler
  • Very funny sarcasm. I like it.


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