There is no such thing as a cheap XJS

As you see the prices of the XJS are all over the place from the last one that sold at Bonham's for around $50,000 down to that one for the unbelievable $2,000 or best offer and the listing stating, not running and just needs some TLC. It may be a factory convertible from 89 to 96 or an 88 and older convertible is coach-built and not factory-made, you may be forever having trouble sorting anything having to do with the top.

If this car was not well maintained with service records you may have a nightmare on hand. As I state in the buyer's guide, there is no such thing as a cheap XJS. To get a very nice one, you can expect to pay at the least around 10K and even then there may be a few little things to correct that may end up costing another few thousand but some things you can correct over time. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is looking at a car that seems like, just some little cosmetics that end up becoming a big restoration.

I was in the yacht charter business in New York named Wall street yacht charters which I finally learned the hard way that buying a boat that has been sitting around with seemingly only in need of just a little TLC, was one big headache. We all have heard that owning a boat is a hole in the water that you throw your money into. Oh, so you are now saying but a car is not a boat! I have news for you when you get involved in buying an XJS because it is such a beautiful car that makes you feel all fuzzy and other feelings I will not get into because this is a family channel and some monks may be reading this, you take the plunge and do the thing that makes your dog look at you with his head to the side. And then after you have spent all the money from the college and retirement funds and that $2,000 XJS still is not right! Now you’re sitting in the garage with a bottle talking to the only one who will listen.

Oh yes the same dog that looked at you with his head to the side when you got all fuzzy and bought that so-called cheap XJS but now he is worn out sprawled out laying down with only his eyelids raising to look at you and with every sip of the five brands of alcohol, you take a look at him and his eyelids are doing all the talking saying, I tried to tell you to buy one of those very nice clean cars! Well, all is not lost, so get back in the elevator and go back down. No need to go to the roof of the tallest building in town or the Brooklyn Bridge or the side of the freeway where all of those well-maintained and documented XJSs are driving by.

No, you do not have to jump in front of one because you most likely will end up in Jaguar heaven as a forever reminder. You should go on the speaking circuit at XJS anonymous and save others from the dilemma of thinking they will be the master of a cheap XJS. And with the prices still climbing, all XJS cars will eventually be high dollars including the rust buckets and wrecks, however, these cars will only become more valuable if supply suddenly becomes very low. But for now, there are still many great examples so there is no need to seek out the deal of the century. Do your homework and buy a good well-documented car you can enjoy from day one or very soon after.

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  • I bought an xjs 6 years ago low km no rust used in New Zealand. Still to date have spent $15000 on mechanical upgrades . That’s the classic car dilemma. Mines v12

    Michael crump

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