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Too many of us have a serious addiction to the XJS and we can not seem to shake it. We sit up all night searching for available cars and each time we see another one, we begin to get the sweats. And if the car is nearby, we look at the clock and wonder if we can survive to wait until it is an appropriate hour to call. Oh yes! we have it, bad folks. And to add to the injury, there is a shortage of XJS medication due to the growth of interest. This describes those who have not purchased one yet. So now to address those who already are immune to any treatment, help is on the way. So I am advocating for the opening of an XJS addiction treatment center. I understand the solution is to get an addition to your home in the form as a larger garage, or an equivalent such as buy a piece of land to build a large garage. The next step is to drink something a little stronger than water, withdraw an amount from your bank account that the bank has to ask you to return the next day so they can order more cash, then do your search and buy up every XJS you can! Now that should break the addiction. For a while that is. Now here is a little help to get you through the process of your acquisitions. 

First of all, do not buy the "Cheap Car" that deal that leads you to believe that you can have a great XJS for under $5000, although this can be achieved, however, it is extremely rare. And as the value slowly increases, it will soon become a nearly impossible task. I say nearly as anything is possible but I assure you that only one person of many will have that story to share.

Example: you find an ad that states "just a little TLC and you will have a great car for only $3000, $4000 or $5000". You know these ads or the one that someone mentions "a great opportunity to own an XJS for very little". And beware of the ad that lists all of the items that are standard in all XJS cars, "This car has AC, Power steering, power brakes, power windows" I call this type of ad boilerplate language that you see often. This seller should also state that the car comes with tires and has an engine! That seller is most likely a dealer who bought the car at auction for $2000 and knows nothing about the car. The mistake that so many of us make is that beautiful machine the XJS gets us so excited that we overlook the flaws which to correct may cost much more than its worth and normally do. Thus ending up with an albatross and grief. Not to mention the great one that appears on the market a few days later for a few thousand more. Always buy the best car you can. Do all you can to avoid a major project car, as this will cause you to accept too many issues in need of repair or service. Any classic car is an adventure; so do not look for trouble or you will find plenty. So hopefully this will help you calm your enthusiasm until an official XJS therapy center opens with perhaps a permanent cure. And if not! oh to heck with it enjoy the sweet addiction.

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