The XJS values during questionable times

We all have been wondering when the XJS would finally begin to increase in value then it did last year. Pristine examples sold at auction between January and July for $50,000 plus and we felt great that this was going on as owners of the brand. So now we are living in questionable times and many are abruptly being told that their source of income is on the ropes are completely carried out of the ring on a stretcher DOA. So now many have to sharpen the pen and make survival decisions. So you ask what are the hopes of getting a healthy price for your XJS if it is one of the unfortunate things you are considering. I say unfortunately because I feel like many of you that we are privileged to have the XJS experience. I am not advocating that the XJS is the ultimate machine, but I’m just saying. Markets are always up and down and the downmarket times can sometimes feel as if the world is crashing in on you.

But if you are looking to sell your XJS or two or three but afraid you may have to give it away to some bloke who could care less but just wants to grab any and everything they can at bargain-basement prices just for the bragging rights! Well, have no fear. There are some who appreciate the brand and will respectfully purchase your XJS. Now I am only speaking of the XJS and can not help anyone with any other Jag but I do think that I may be of some help with the XJS. I am already engaged with a few people who which to offer this wonderful driving machine for sale. However, how to find the right buyer who will respectfully be interested in the acquisition of yours. I say respectfully because there are those who want much for very little with no regard for what you have in it and what it truly and honestly is. Over the years I amassed many contacts around the world who many are serious collectors who buy classics to enjoy with some regard for the increase in value but are not speculators who have a totally different mindset. I place this type in the same category of those I mentioned earlier. They are the tire kickers who will also kick you in the shin if you stand within kicking distance.

I have no time for such type and gladly report them to the Jaguar police for arrest and retribution.  

As the youngest member the car club in Hilton Head Island, I was interested in opening a car museum there and the photo in this article was my office there which was designed by my late wife who had her own clothing line and the 84 Rolls you see was hers that she bought new. I helped the widows of some of our members sell their cars and most times get very close to their asking if not the asking. I have decided to add a page to our site for the available XJS cars that others would like to offer for sale. I too have a few that I recently purchased to begin a service I addressed last month of an XJS rental service and not sure what direction we will drive those cars into. So this is what you can do if you are ready to offer your car for sale which you have to do some work to make the presentation the best possible. First, you will need to email or Face book message all info you can about the car. This will include the items listed below.

  • How long you have owned the car
  • What if any improvements you have contributed to it
  • If you performed the improvements and the success of such
  • If a shop performed any improvements and do you have the service records
  • Did the car come with service records when you purchased the car and do you still have them
  • What is the current operating condition of the car and this must be full disclosure as you must remember who your audience is,  People who can afford it and will pay for the best car they can buy
  • If this car was a garaged car when you bought it and if it is still garaged. All of this matters to the market I reach
  • If the car was and is a non-smoker car. Cars that smell like a Philip Morris plant are of no interest to me. I have known smokers who will not even buy them
  • What is your asking price for the car
  • And finally some photos for starters. 1 from each side, 1 each from the front and back, 1 of the interior from each side with the doors open making the center dash your target and be sure the driver's seat side bolster is seen or take an additional one of it, and one from each side of the engine compartment standing by the windshield and making the center of the engine your target

If you have any questions, you must submit them by email or Face book messenger as I can not respond to issues that may require multiple responses in Facebook threads as they soon get buried with the newest post. Therefore, if you do that chances are you may not get a reply. The new page on the site will be visible in the next few days. 

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