The XJS is a good investment. Part 1

I have to make this subject a part of a few weeks as a few major components dictate if any classic will increase in value. So, let’s begin with the XJS or some other emerging classics you should not buy and why. So, grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

  • The one-owner car that has been owned and driven for a few years by the second owner. Don’t you just love these types of sellers? That is like saying my dog drives a Bentley! You must ask what else will he try to convince you of.
  • It was owned by a lady and serviced by a local dealer. This reminds me of a Mercedes I bought on eBay on the side of the road while driving my first cross country trip to deliver a Mercedes SLC that I performed a light restoration on and was delivering to a friend in Seattle. The eBay car was in Jacksonville, FL and I was living in Hilton Head Island. Well, the listing stated-owned by a lady and was serviced by the local Mercedes dealer. Well, the title did have a lady’s name but it was only a month old and there was no local Mercedes. And to top it off, the frame and floor were rotten and covered up with spray foam then painted black.
  • Rat infested barn find. Now we hear this term, barn find used a bit much. Now the car that has been in the garage or actual barn for 20 plus years for sure is truly a barn find. But does that mean you should get all fuzzy about it and dive in! Even if you have on a hazmat outfit it is not a million-dollar car or one that the seller can produce photos of Elvis driving it as the first owner. Therefore, there are plenty of great examples around. Although it is so cheap, let us say $500 or free, You may want to run for your life like a lady wearing an ill-fitted wig and hat out of a burning theater. Now there are exceptions such as that diamond in the rough with tons of service records and proof that Elvis owned it and not the typical George Washington slept here. In any case, a barn find spells total restoration or close to it.
  • A basket case. This is the car that the guy who could fix anything disassembled with no rhyme or reason, no bag, and tag during the process. This is the guy who decided one day to start running from town to town around the country and a bunch of fools who had nothing else to do tagged along until the guy stops then says he is tired and wants to go home and the following crowd asks him what are they to do? You have to be a basket case to buy a basket case. So remember the lady running out of the burning theater.
  • The car was in a bad fire. This is the one that the fire department showed up with a bulldozer and axes and suddenly recalled every occasion in their life that something ticked them off and tried their best to open the hood from the front of the car and all wiring and anything not metal looks as if it was the first logs used in a boy scout campfire that was burning all weekend. No, don’t even think about it! I know the interior looks great and everything from the doors back looks new, but I suggest you take a moment to shake your head on this one.

 Okay, that should cover the cars that as they would say in the Italian village I grew up in, forget about! Yes, that’s right the it was not mentioned, just forget about! Next week I will go over the XJSs or any other classic the same can be applied you should view as an investment in part 2. 

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  • I look forward to the rest of this series. I love the XJS styling and am actively looking to purchase one.

    Jim Buchanan

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