The smoking and ticking engine.

Is your car burning an excessive amount of oil, car smoking, and engine ticking? When I hear of these symptoms, to me knowing the V12 and inline-six engine as I do, the head is the culprit and specific the valves, valve seats, seals and rings. I have dismantled 17 of these cars. 14 with the inline-six and three V12.  I knew the history of most I bought, or I had them running. I bought about 4 from private people and the others came from an auction. Never have I seen the inline-six needing the bottom half rebuilt or anything else in the engine block. For the reason finding the pistons are so difficult for this engine. Jaguar stopped re-making the items that were not selling many years ago in the ’90s when Ford owned the company.

The V12 for years when needing a valve and piston job which very much involves a complete rebuild as there is so much time just getting to them that many people would choose to conduct a full rebuild or some opted to replace the V12 with a Chevy V8. The rebuild kits for the V12 are still available for around $600 give or take. The lack of available inline-six rebuild kits is a matter of supply and demand. There is not much demand for rebuilding the inline-six engines. At worst case, the inline-six history shows that moreover replacing the head with a good tested used head is the best solution. Many believe the inline-six engines are the best built, reliable, low maintenance and therefore the best Jaguar ever built. This is well known in the Jaguar World as a bulletproof engine. However, Jaguar won the 24 Hours of Le Mans for several years as far back as the early 1950s so obviously they have been producing great well-built engines for a long time. What is great about the inline-six in the later years is they are simple and inexpensive to maintain. But to say they are a better product; I can never say this as an owner of both. Less costly and maintenance by no means is an indication of better. Anyone who owns either would most likely rave about both as I do. But I will say this, if you have never driven a V12, you are missing out on one of the most thrilling experiences you can have, in a Jaguar XJS.

Without getting too graphic, wonderful things happen to both males and females when you drive a V12. Okay, I will get just a little graphic. From the moment you start the car, you feel much younger and more vibrant. It will make you flirt with your longtime partner all over again and pack a picnic basket with very little because the picnic blanket will get more use when you find that remote spot to stop. Or if you do not have a partner, it will make you want to go on the prowl on Santa Monica Blvd or the old 42nd Street, late nights when you think all your neighbors are asleep but then you find them out there as well in the V12 they secretly borrow from a friend for such desirable moments. So, to sum it all up, you now have an idea what may be the issue with smoking and ticking XJS engine and now I have you thinking about what escapades you can engage in while driving a V12.

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  • is it possible to install v12 in a 2004 x type
    i’ve been told because of blown head casket that i have to replace the engine. True? And is a Chevy engine less expensive? i just don’t know who to trust. i’ve gotten 2 estimates, $1300 apart


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