Taking on an XJS project

All too often many buy an XJS in need of a ton of work for a very low price, with the intention of making it a great car on a shoestring budget as a DIY project. However, when faced with the reality of the cost and availability of parts alone throws them into shock. After this car has cost a great amount of time and money, the passion is many times lost and now they decide to sell it to someone else and let them deal with it.

Well, now the question is this, was the previous work performed done correctly or just patched and thrown together? Realistically there is no way to know. Sure the seller can and most times tell you what they think you want to hear which many times is not the truth. This is where a pre-purchase inspection is always a good idea, especially if buying long distance where you personally will not be inspecting the car. Most of these inspections will cost around $300 to $500 depending on how far the person may have to travel.

The people doing the inspection will do it on-site where most likely there are no lifts to get under the car for a good underbody inspection which I strongly recommend. Ignored close inspection prior to purchase can very easily cost you $6,000 plus just for the basics such as hose replacements and suspension and its rubber parts. My advice is to find a Jaguar dealership near the car if possible and you make the appt and pay for a pre-purchase inspection normally around $125. Too many people think they got a great deal because the price is so low and brag about it! Then there are those who think they got over on the seller because they forced the seller to take a painful walk, kicking and screaming through the bargain basement! Well, I have news for you. That seller was acting and had a bottle of champagne chilling waiting for you to take on the albatross. There is no reason to grab the least costly XJS you can find when there are still many great examples that are good honest deals. This is best for a car you will service as well as one you will pay someone else to do. Start off with the best example you can find.

I have heard the stories over the years since 2006 as I have purchased 20 XJS cars. Three for my own collection and 17 that I dismantled for my parts business. So I urge people to take your time inspecting an XJS before you buy the car. Do not bank on asking every tom dick and harry online what they think because they don’t! Let's face it, all the people who edge you on to by it, have no knowledge of the car in question and will not be contributing to any of the cost to repair, restore or service of the car once you buy it. Please pay someone who knows something about XJS or take the time to study buying guides before doing so. I too have written one. How to buy an XJS free here on our site.

To the others who are convinced that their DIY skills alone will make any basket case a good deal, then I have crying towels for sale to you at list price delivered to your door, and if you buy now! You will get two for the price of one. However, you will have to agree to pay for flood clean up fees for your long extended use. To purchase your XJS crying towels now, dial 555-555-5555. Comforting operators are available 24 hours.

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  • Great advice, as now XJS modelsxare finally done veibg “driven into the ground” by their unknowing owners… a great model Jag, raced successfully more than any!!! other Jaguar, period.

    I owned a 1987 Coupe, Silver Birch witk Black interior for 10 years.

    The SECRET is who maintains it and how the owner care fir it.

    A truly great Jaguar, hands down a driving machine

    Rich Cerefice

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