Selling an XJS

Well, folks, you know I normally address my articles with humor but tonight there are many people who are members of our XJS family who are faced with moments of despair. So this one's for you and hope you may find some comfort in my words and may my words be helpful to your family's moments of re-positioning your life right now. First, I want to say that I have had to regroup my life several times in my 61 years. I built a business on Wallstreet from an idea to a worldly jet setting lifestyle. Living in five-star hotels all around the world, first-class flights, chauffeured limousines everywhere I traveled to, assistants in other countries just to interpret my mail and menus written in other languages. A beautiful historic mansion in the south with a 12-car custom garage for my three Rolls, three rare Mercedes, and three Jags. Another home in Greenwich, CT with three other classics. In 2008 I made some unwise decisions over the years, became too comfortable in my own skin to the point I have no idea why my beautiful late wife put up with me. Well, the walls came tumbling down and we began to sell many of our possessions. Good thing we paid cash for it all but I had a small 500K mortgage on the southern home. I sold the Rolls first and did very well on two classics I bought but my wife’s 84 she bought new, I sold 26 years old with 28,000 miles for $26,500 which all I could get. As if that was not enough a few years later a doctor while patting me on my back while looking to the floor, told me to get my house in order and this was three months following my lovely late wife left and filed for divorce. Now for just a little humor. If I was my wife, I would have left me too!

So I am sharing this with those who may have lost their source of income and have to do what my wife and I had to do, sell off somethings. So you may be in a situation right now where you do not know just what to do. Well, first I suggest you embrace your family as never before. Because sometimes we forget a reality the Helen Keller referred to in one of her great quotes “life is short and unpredictable, so eat the dessert first” She also said “life should be a wonderful adventure or nothing” Frank Sinatra said “ live each and every day as if it's your last because one day you will be right” I found myself most times during such moments of character building lashing out at every bird that would sing, every child that would smile. Well not quite that bad my wife and our staff sure felt that way. So I suggest first reaching out for a word named calmness. I know it does not seem to exist, but it is always floating around just hopping we will embrace it in questionable moments. For it is the greatest friend we can have when the wagon wheel is wobbling all over the place at the beginning of a seemingly long journey. For it is the calmness that helps shift your brain into resolution mode.

As my godfather would say to me when I was a feisty NY teen and hot over someone eating my maypo and ready to rip the empire state building down by hand, he would say “ you can rise above any situation if you remain calm” So let's get you to the point of resolution. You may want to pour yourself something a little stronger than water, have a few sips and then begin to write down all your assets and liabilities. You may think you have no assets. I have been there too but that is for another time. So you now have written all of these things down. Now you need to assess one from the other so you can decide what you can live without. Now you folks know that when I write about the XJS, I speak of it in terms of the holy grail but tonight I will back off a bit to help you sell the things you can live without so you can regroup. All precious things such as the XJS is just stuff, and to survive through such moments you who may be dealing with this subject, you can always come back and buy even more XJS cars, Perhaps a whole busload of them. That is a very, very big bus I speak of. Less Brown said " a setback prepares you for a comeback"

We are buying some cars right now and may be interested in yours or we will help you sort it out so you can get the most possible at this time. Others I suggest you search on various platforms to get an idea of the current market value for a car in such a condition as yours. To reach me to share photos and help you assess the possibilities of your sale, I can be reached at and above all remember that whatever you believe to be, becomes your reality. If you believe you can’t, you are correct. If you believe you can, you too are absolutely correct. Once you sell your XJS stay with the XJS family here online and local events and focus on the next one you will acquire in the very near future. Now don’t crawl in a hole or I will find out and send the Jaguar police to arrest you and send you to the XJS camp where you will be forced to polish and drive XJS cars all day with pay. I do not need to know what you are dealing with unless you want to share it but it is best not to focus on where you are, but rather where you want to be.  


  • Great story we all have ups and downs but my xjs is last to go lol.

    George Guertin
  • Great story well written. Love Les Brown.

    Mike Dugan
  • Great story well written. Love Les Brown.

    Mike Dugan
  • I’m in a good place right now, thank you very much! It’s a sunny day so I think I’ll take the Jag out. Went thru what you describe only I’ve had 28 years to recover. My large retirement community has good roads and the retirees love to see my Jag pass by as I cruise the neighborhood. When covid-19 passes I’ll have to take it out and open it up…..clean out those injectors.


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