Replace or repair door panels?

We all understand that our XJSs are at least 24 years old and most if everything should be treated like temporary forgiveness of a note that you know someday is going to become due. However, unlike the note, there is no due date. Therefore, it normally comes as a surprise. There are somethings that age in a participated timeline and one can schedule accordingly. But then there are the things that age gracefully and then you get a sudden surprise, and you find that you could play the part in the old advertisement where the lady says. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

Well, this is the category is where the XJS door panels reside and especially the convertible. You know we all who are privileged to have enjoyed the convertible experience, have gone out on that perfect convertible day, stop for a bite or just for a quick jaunt into a shop or an office so you leave the top down. Then suddenly the clouds open and perform an act that is similar to what birds do as soon as you wash your car!

Well after many years of these type of events, that is, of course, I am speaking of the clouds emulating the famous statue of the little boy urinating located in Brussels, you door panels will get ruined and become a nest for black mold. Oh yes! It is nasty and can sometimes smell like a kitty litter box on a bad day, and the mold could land you in a position of shopping for a new set of lungs. And just so you know, XJS owners' lungs are sold at a premium.

Many of you have purchased used and sometimes not a match or although better than what you had, still in poor condition. If you go to a trim shop and start from scratch it will be quite costly. If you are willing to do it yourself, you can do both in several hours if your vinyl on the panels is in good shape. Mostly what I mean is not damaged or faded. It is mostly swapping. Everything from the old panel to the new one.

The flat lower portion is just foam and vinyl on the door card which is the part that rots away over time once exposed to excessive water. The upper portion where the wood panel is metal and fastened with bolts and clips. We will be selling the whole kit for you to do this at home. We are buying out the stock, tools, and drawings from a longtime Jaguar manufacture of these.

We should have everything on hand in two weeks. You can make your request by year, Coupe, or Convertible in the contact us link located at the top of the page here on our site.


  • Please explain what you’re selling. Is it a complete new door panel?

    Adrian Barr
  • Keep me informed as I am interested.

    Robert degolyer

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