Remaking Cooling Lines And Other Parts

I had extensive communications over a five-year period with Jaguar about parts I myself needed and they always respond with, check back with us near the end of the year. Normally that was around six months but last year in January, I contacted the same dept that makes the decision of what gets made or not to inquire about taillights and this time it was the same response I had received about them since 2012, check back with us toward the end of the year. This is when my conversations changed from when I want to remanufacture the many parts that you obviously are not going to remake which is where I am today. We have now partnered with manufacturers who will accommodate us with less than the normally requested minimums. Some people think everything is so easy to do as 3D models but all I can say to this is television restoration shows are made to make it seem simple. Things that take months to do are edited to fit into minutes. Manufacturing is a huge operation and most companies will not even talk to you if the production number is not millions or hundreds of thousands a year. This is not the first time this item has come up but like so many parts for the XJS they are so rare thus not cheap, so it is what it is. I have one or two of many of the rare XJS parts that people seek but will not place on the site for sale because I need them as templates. If I offer something because I have an extra one, that is it an extra one. I have found finally a company that will make the washer covers but it is still too costly, but we are close to a fair number. Mass production is very costly and no one wants to invest in making something that to make a profit you have to set a price that very few will pay.

So here is where we are this week with two items many have requested suggestions online. That is the engine oil cooling lines and gearbox cooling lines. We finally are a few days from getting a reasonable price and lead time to reproduce these. I can say that it should be within two weeks, so I ask for anyone seeking these cooling lines to email us with a request. The more request we get the better the price we can offer them. I can say this, we are doing our best to offer them at the same price that Jaguar charged when they were available. However, what you will receive is a superior product to the original. As an XJS owner, I wish to replace such items once with a perfect fit. Please submit your request to  

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