Recalls on an XJS

Most of you are most likely reading the topic and saying what? That makes no sense! Re-calls is only for fairly new cars. Or are they? Well here is my story. I bought an 87 XJSC around 10 years ago in like-new condition always stored in a climate-controlled garage.  But one day I was taking it out for a drive for a couple of days to keep it tip-top and to not have it feel like an orphan. Classic cars do have sensitive feelings you know and if you didn’t, now you do. So I pick up my wife and we went to lunch and upon leaving the Café I smelled fuel from under the hood/bonnet.

That's correct because my 87 XJSC that was in like-new condition had this fuel smell issue but it was not a fresh liquid smell but more of fumes. I could not find anything leaking and I called the tech at the dealership in Charleston, SC who serviced my Jags if he had any ideas but he could not come up with anything being it showed no sign of leaks. So I did as the old NY telephone ad said and let my fingers do the walking, not in the primitive yellow pages but online and guess what I discovered? You say what did you discover? I discovered that there was a recall on the car when it was around one year old.

Now the law in the States on recalls says that the manufacture must sort the issue out by any means necessary and once there is a recall, it never expires. After all those years in 2010, the dealer had to sort it out at no charge.  So now you wonder why didn’t the original owner take care of it? Well, not all cars in a recall time period may show signs of the problem right away or perhaps never but the dept of highway and safety urge all owners of said car to take it in to get it corrected anyway.

The NY doctor who bought it new, never took it back to have it fixed because most likely he had no problem and then he had sold it to the guy I bought it from and of course the manufacturer only contacts the original owner of record. The only way they will know that the car has a new owner is if the new owner has the car serviced by a dealer and then you become the owner of record in their system. Now, this is very important to know. Again a recall never expires and as long as the company brand name is still used, they must comply with the recall. Now the nearest dealer to me gave me a story that they no longer had to comply and I did not really care to take it there anyway. So I called Scott Jaguar in Charlotte, NC, and was told to bring it in.

But soon after I put the phone down, there must have been some fireworks directed to the service rep I talked to and my phone lit up so much that I could hear the threats that were most likely being made to the poor guy. Well, he began to read me the riot act as a gun was probably being held to his head. So I was already ahead of him and gave him the online info and contact and the next call he sounded as if someone shot him in his foot for even talking to me. Well, I made an appt for 7:30 the next morning.

They had a guy working on that car until 5:45 pm. The parts that were used to resolve this issue was long gone so he had to replace the throttle body components and some other things to sort it out. So if your old classic has an issue that resulted in a recall here in the States, you are entitled to have the dealer sort it out.

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  • Upon buying my 95 XJS, I took it to Bobby Rahal Jaguar for a check up. To my surprise they kept it for a week just to do all the recalls that had never been completed!

    Bob Clark

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