You may notice that I did not post a tip last week. I was in Jacksonville packing to move with three helpers. However, we were so busy and on the first day, only one person showed. I guess the others were spending that million that blew in the window while they were asleep.

While I was packing and looking over some things, I came across another recall document. Now I am not sure what regulations there are for recalls in other Countries but these are for the States.

Too many of you with 90s XJS have had this problem and took whatever measures you did with or without success and it is a stinky problem as well and no it's not that cheap aftershave they tried to convince us was great smelling when we were teens. And for you guys who splashed that crap on as a man, well now you know why you could not get a date. Pure snake oil is what it was.

The issue I am addressing is excessive fuel vapor pressure in cars from 78 to 91.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) orders recall on cars here in the States after receiving numerous complaints. This recall number is called, XJ-S Fuel Tank Recall R351. You can go to the website of the NHTSA to read up on it. If you have experienced this issue, then the chances are it was never corrected. I know you are now saying, what the heck LeRoy, they cars are over 30 years old!

Well, here is the skinny on that concern. Recalls never expire. The manufacturer must contact all known owners to bring the car in. But with many cars in those days changing hands, the new owner would only know this if the car was serviced by a dealer. Every car that has been recalled for an issue is documented by vin. So if yours has this problem, any Jaguar dealer must find a way to correct it and do not let them tell you anything else. You can very easily confirm this by calling the NHTSA. Now do not be concerned about the dealers placing a price on my head for telling this because I know a guy who knows a guy.

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  • I had a 1989 XJS with the automatic seat belts. The driver’s seat belt stopped working. I took it to the dealership. They replaced it and wanted to charge me $1,700 in parts and labor. I reminded them that it had a lifetime warranty. They replaced it under warranty, but they were not happy.


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