Options for acquiring a great example XJS

The time has come that you are ready to finally enjoy the XJS experience that is imagined by many but due to the limited number produced compared to most cars and that number growing smaller every day, only a few will be so fortunate to own and drive a great example.

Okay, you say you’re sold but where to get the best car for the money? After all, there seems to be so many available here in the States in various conditions as the prices are all over the place, and the last great example sold at auction for over 70k. Please understand that when I say a great example, I am not referring to that $2,000 car that someone spent thousands on with the wrong mechanic who could never get the problems corrected properly and then the previous owner being driven to the point of deciding to either shoot the car with a very large firearm or shoot themselves. But chose instead to sell the car off for a loss on their investment to someone else. We all have seen that listing that states, "My loss your gain"

Well, a future solution to this dilemma will be the XJS Restoration, Sales, Parts, and Service Center here in Florida on a 15-acre parcel of land with a private access road named Browns Lane. However, a current solution is several that we recently purchased that need light refitting and properly serviced for a smooth transition from our careful hands, to your garage. These are not project cars or as some listings state "Just needs a little TLC". But rather an XJS that you can enjoy driving at will.

Many people have expressed interest in purchasing one of the cars we will have available in the future. We have limited space to refit and prepare and store them all right now in our temporary facilities located in Jacksonville and Miami. Therefore, I ask that those of you who would like one of these gems, please click on the Contact Us link located at the top of this page and register your preferences such as style, color, the '80s or '90s, Coupe, Convertible, inline-six or V12 motor, or the rare 80's XJSC and we will respond as to what we can offer you in a short period. Photos will be presented once the light refit is complete.


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