New Year's Resolution

So here we are folks, looking out into the yard or at your garage with that XJS project that you were so excited about when you saw the ad, answered it, and purchased that cheap XJS or the deal of the century. So you now stand tall and have an excuse as tall as Hollywood made John Wayne appear to be. You have boxes of parts and the like sitting in the corner of your home or if you have a garage, you most likely can not find the car under and behind the stuff.

So now that I have hit the nail on the head, what are you going to do about it? Does your XJS project fit into the same category as you all running to the fitness clubs this weekend to get a membership vowing to get fit and you will show up religiously for the next week then continue paying for the membership? Or the running gear that you received as a gift that you wore once or twice last week while the relative who gave it to you was still visiting, or the treadmill that ultimately becomes a clothing rack for the running gear?

Well by now you are either ready to finally do something about this and take action or I have made you feel so bad that you are now searching Google for a therapist. Either way, I will make a suggestion here. First, let’s take a deep breath and perhaps have a drink of something a little stronger than water. Now depending on how many drinks you had, let us walk over to a mirror and face the nemesis and smack him around a little.

Then take a notepad and plan a resolution to address the elephant in the room. Depending on your schedule, commit on paper is the first step. Now, remember you are fixing this problem and not emulating the fitness membership. Get to it finally and get it sorted out so that you can finally enjoy the XJS experience. Now if by chance you did not see any image in the mirror, then you should place an ad to sell the car to someone who will complete it or you had too many drinks before facing the mirror.

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  • or your wife needs to throw some holy water on you or approach you with a cross and some fresh garlic.


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