Manufacturing XJS parts

Manufacturing is a huge operation and most companies will not even talk to you if the production number is not millions or hundreds of thousands a year.  Like so many parts for the XJS, they are so rare thus not cheap if you can ever find them. As an owner of 4 XJS cars, I know all of this too well. For this reason, I launched this business to start with. We have many of the rare XJS parts that people seek but will not place them on the site for sale because we need them as templates.  

We are now in the process of reproducing the third of many XJS parts we will make. First, we re-produced the oil cooler hoses only stronger with metal reinforced rubber and complementary to the hoses is the oil cooler of which we also re-produced and both can be found on our site as a kit or separate. And now it is the Carello H4 glass headlight lenses for facelift cars from 1992 to 1996 marked E11 that meet the ECE certificate for LHD cars in North America and all continental Europe. We had many people who sent in a request to buy these light lenses and last week I made an announcement that we are ready for everyone to place their pre-order.

We could see from the analytics that hundreds did try but there were two sudden glitches that some of you pointed out right away and we got right on it. One was the pre-order button was not showing and the system was also charging $95 for shipping. We addressed and corrected both last week and all is working well. Some of you have placed your orders but many more have not yet. As we made known from the initial offer that the remake of these lenses is the most costly to make of all the XJS parts, we needed all who wish to have these to go to the site and pre-order so that it covers the huge cost of manufacturing. So, we ask that everyone who has not done so yet to please pre-order so that we can get the plant to move ahead with production.

Here is the link

Also, each month from now on we will be offering new parts using the pre-order method of which we will inform you of the time and process then request that you pre-order paying 50% then the balance when items are ready to ship. Jaguar left us all out in the rain with the XJS parts, but Jaguar World Corp has picked up the torch and will continue until every XJS part no longer available now, will be again. This covers parts from 1975 to the final year 1996.


  • I appreciate your efforts. I currently own 4 XJSs as well. If you have a mailing list, please add me to it.

  • I just wanted to commend you in your pursuit of keeping these cars on the road, providing owners a way to do so. My first passion was the TR6, and wanted to start a facility much as Charles did with the roadster factory. That was when I was 17 or 18 way back in 1978. My father was convinced there would never be enough market to justify.
    I too, own 4 XJSs, yet am about to trade one of them for a 1976 TR6 with air overdrive and a hardtop. Overall, the XJS is possibly the least initial cost, best bang for the buck British car out there. Keep up the good work, and if you have a mailing list, add me.

    Gene Holtzclaw
  • The rear light units are also very difficult to get your hans on in the marketplace.
    Been struggling for around 12 months to get hands on them.
    Regards Mark

    Mark smith
  • Window motors for the HE cars seem to be no longer available. The Bosch motors for later face lift cars have the wrong geared cog and the will work but are very noisy.


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