Looking back

Now let me make one thing clear. I am a forward-thinking person and do not encourage nor am I a participant in the looking back club at most things and especially things that are not pleasant. Some things are worth engaging in turning around and facing the direction you were previously.

Two weeks ago I described how a mechanic wanted to buy one of my friends Mercedes 6.9 cars and asked me to bring the title but then offered me part of the money and I responded with I will give you part of the title while pinching a corner of it that was so small that you would need a magnifying glass to see it. And do not dare blink because you will miss it. Well, he has called and left messages twice this week asking me to call him. My guess is he wants to offer me the other part of the money for a car and title I sold for $1,500 more than his offer.

Such humor is worth looking back at for giggle's sake.

The other reason I feel one should always look back is at that special car you have. If you walk away from your car and never look back, you bought the wrong car. The XJS is that type of car that gives you every reason to look back for a moment of admiration. For the same reason, most bystanders can not pass you without giving you compliments of that XJS, you too should be proud to look back and smile. So if you have not purchased an XJS yet, go buy one so you can experience the joy of receiving such compliments and may have to see your family doctor for muscle relaxers to relax the fixed smile on your face.

On a different note, those who follow this blog know of our purchase of 15 acres last December to construct the XJS restoration center and car storage. Well, as we prepare the land for that, we just signed a lease on 7,000 SF of a warehouse for car storage in Ft Lauderdale. We have climate-controlled space for 30 cars. We are looking at another building near Miami International where there will be 19000 SF for car storage and 10 single offices for rent. Perfect for businesses needing low cost a presence in Miami. I will update you soon.

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