Leaking XJS Convertible

It's another one of those beautiful XJS driving mornings and you look at your loving partner in life and think to yourself, what a great day to pull the most admired car in the neighborhood out of the garage for a drive. So, you suggest the same to your love and then they say that they were just thinking the same and add to the idea that you should go to a favorite place for breakfast or explore someplace new.

You are enjoying the sidewalk Café as others are admiring your XJS. What a beautiful world in the life of an XJS owner. Well, the sun is suddenly working so hard to shine but the big fat clouds continue to jump in front of the camera. So, the two of you decide that you should settle the tab and hit the road jack. You may play some Ray Charles to get the mood going or some Coltrane or classical sounds. Whatever floats your boat, you are armed and extremely dangerous as so many heads will turn while admiring your XJS.

It could not get better than this. But then you hear a sound in the sky that makes dogs run under the lowest piece of furniture and the trees begin to blow in the strong wind. The sky is now dark, and the sun can not be found as if it was married and on an incognito date. You pull over, get out to remove the convertible boot/ tonneau cover then get back in the car to close your roof. Just in time as the rain pours down and literally cats and dogs are falling as in the Disney movie. But this should be okay because you closed the roof just in time. But your arm next to the door is wet! Where can it be coming from you ask?

Well, you must remember that the latest XJS being a 96-model year is 24 years old and all rubber eventually wears and gets soft and when used as a seal will be the culprit. This happens mostly in cars that were stored or parked over the years in the hot sun. Mine lasted and did well because I always left the roof down in my garages and primarily only driven on days such as the one, I described earlier. Now for the kicker, Jaguar stopped reproducing these many years ago and we are engaged with manufacturers to remake them from a new old stock set that I bought as a spare set for my 95 when they were available.
You may not need a full set of the six on the car, so I suggest you pay attention to where it is leaking and then see if the is the forward, middle, or rear piece. We have some used sections until they are available new but extremely limited.


  • I am looking for the horizontal rubber window seal for LHD passenger door for my 1994 XJS convertible. Do you have any previously owned part.

    Ian oswald
  • 95 convertible, let me know what you have please.

    Russell Voorhees
  • I’m getting a few drops running down the middle of my ’93 conv. drivers door window at the car wash. So now I wash that window by hand.

  • Looking for a convertible top for my 1991XJS classic black


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