IRS Removal at home


Okay, you are out for a nice drive as usual in your beloved XJS but there is something different this time. For some time now, you have known that your rear end needed a lift. I am speaking of the car so there is no need to look in the mirror standing sideways. Your shocks have been squealing and thumping and on occasion, you hear a knocking sound. You know what its all about because you took it to the local shop you normally get work done on other cars you have. But this is different. This is your XJS and each time the owner of that great shop sees you driving your XJS, he always reminds you that they work on any car. But he always has a certain glimmer in his eyes when addressing the XJS. That look that makes you think such cars have afforded him that new truck and boat trailer parked on the side of the shop and it looks like the type that would carry a new speed boat with banknotes. You had them lift the XJS up to see what was going on some time ago and as he gave you a quote, you noticed his new boat shoes and his glancing over at the truck and trailer. Well, you do want the work done as you know it will not get any better, but you are not interested in making his truck and boat payments?

You have a bit of doing it yourself skills, but this is big, and you do not have a lift! Well here is some help for you to lower your rear end. Ok, remember I am for sure speaking of the car. So here it is.

1) Get some treated 2x8 boards cut the length of the rocker panels below the door between the wheel wells from front to back. Also, the same across the front sub-frame to rest under the springs and across the bottom of the IRS. Get 12 concrete blocks to be placed on the floor. They will be stacked in twos.

2) I would first jack up the front of the car from under the springs as high as you can, then place jack stands under the jacking points on each side which is where the bolt like units are just behind the front wheels.

3) Stack two blocks in the front on each side under the springs of the sub-frame with the board resting on top across the front. Then you can lower the car onto the board by placing the floor jack just behind the jack stands.

4) Now you can place a board that will fit the bottom of the IRS unit on the floor jack and jack up the rear from the center behind the trunk. Once high enough, place blocks in stacks of two from below the front jack point to the rear one but be sure to clear the radius arms when you place your boards on top of the blocks. You can lower the rear onto the boards with the floor jack and boards still touching the bottom of the IRS then proceed to drop the IRS. Also, be sure to remove the rear wheels so you can drop the IRS low enough to clear the trunk floor.

It is very important to have the blocks and board under the sub-frame because when you drop the IRS, all of the weight will shift to the front and without, the rear would lift up.


  • Hi LeRoy
    Thank you for sharing your expertise with me. I’ve started to save it because one day I may need to know how to manage to do those things myself 👍

    Jon Tore Jacobsen
  • I would go to Harbor Freight and buy two 4 wheel roller boards $7.00 each jack up the rear and remove the rear wheels put jacks under the irs and remove the irs bolts, lower the irs on to the roller boards and roll the irs to the work area.

    george marshall

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