How much should you pay?

You may say that the prices are all over the place and what condition is equal to a particular price?.  You are correct about the pricing as well as the condition. My goal here is to shed some light on this matter that can help you make a wise purchase. What is happening with the XJS right now is no joke. I saw this coming 5 years ago and my early writings from 4 years ago are proof of the test of time. The highest one that sold at auction to date was 73k and just two years ago that same car would have sold for half. Hagerty hosted a forum 6 years ago where the panel consisted of some of the most noted collectors and experts, and they all agreed that one of the emerging classics to grab while you can was the XJS. The E-Type in ten years jumped from a 60k car to 200k. I will be addressing more of this next week in the tip of the week.

This comment I am about to make is the most important thing to remember when inspecting the car. You do want to pay very close attention to what the seller is saying when they answer your questions, but do not pay attention when they try to pump you up with all the great things about the car. You need to be calm and not so excited like the puppy that just came to his new home and for an entire week humps everyone’s ankle. It is very easy to let your guard down and get all warm and fuzzy about the story the seller may be telling you. You are not there for entertainment but to inspect and make a coherent decision. I once asked a guy how is the paint? Any fading or chips? And he answered there are some chips in the paint, but everyone compliments it whenever he takes it out. Well here is my public service announcement folks, paint chips is about the worst enemy to the metal as it can be as deep as the bare metal and then the rust will begin. Therefore, requiring a paint job and you always want to avoid a paint job as there are plenty of great examples here in the States to choose from and it is wise to seek them out and do not pay too much attention to that deal of the century.

You want to consider everything on the car as a potential after purchase cost right down to the tires. And whatever you do, please do not consider it a great buy as the seller may state such things as “interior needs a little TLC or convertible top only has a small hole or a small bit of ware” In the car world there is no such thing as little or small when it relates to the seats or the top. The top will cost you around 3K and the front seats about the same or more as when they are pulled apart may open up another can of worms like the padding. Now if you have found that car that may be under 10K and all else is near perfect and I do mean perfect and not you lying to yourself and your spouse to buy the Brooklyn bridge because you are buying it at night with all the pretty lights shining on it, but a really good deal while you are sober and you have the funds to invest in it to bring it up to par. And for those of you who think that you will do it over time as you save some money, well I have some news for you, that is what the guy who is selling it thought.  Also folks, never fear to ask the question why are you selling it. You will be surprised how many people will be candid with their answers.

You do not want to be in the position as I described last week. And if you are serious about that car that has so far proved to be a good honest presentation, then hire someone to inspect it or go see the car. Now another thing that is very important to help you make a good choice is always try to find something near home so be patient and do not make your first choice the car that is located in armpit Arkansas. You know that place the GPS cannot find. If you would like a little help with that XJS you found, feel free to contact us with the info and we will do our best to guide you. And all things considered, do expect to pay well over 20K for a great example and anything else, we have some extra-large Jaguar crying towels for you. In the future, we at Jaguar World Corp are building an XJS restoration, parts, service, and sales center on 15 acres. We focus on the best examples as we are offered the best choices of cars that were owned by people who most times pampered their cars when retiring here to Florida. Most are or were collectors who could afford to maintain their XJS properly. Costley? absolutely but as these cars are fast increasing in value, you can purchase one for $30k today and next year could increase by 10k to 20k.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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