How many XJS are still in existence

This is a question that so many people ask and as many more think they have the answer.  It reminds me of when I began the yacht charter business in the 80s. You could always find a drunken bloke hanging around the boatyards just waiting for someone new on the scene so he can give you his expert advice and tell you that the same wooden boat that has been sitting in the yard drydock for as long as he has been around there which was since the place sold to the new owners and he came with the woodwork, that it is a good boat and there are only a few left and all you have to do is to slap some paint on it before sailing the seven seas. Well lets not even get into the other things he says but just the idea that he thinks he knows how many are left! No one can know how many XJS cars are left on or off the road.

In order to even know how many are registered in the world, you would have to have such data from hundreds of countries, thousands of counties and provinces and this type of info is not available with any quick search it would take a lot of time and money to have all of these places to give such info. Then no one can ever know what is sitting in a garage, barn, or field. But then there is always the type like the guy who was in a pub on Edgeware Road in Central London one afternoon in the early 90s when I walked in to ask the bartender if I could get a good burger then asked where I could buy some polo shirts as I forgot to pack some before leaving NY. Well, the only customer went on to answer all my questions while speaking cockney and after drinking since the day before.

Oh boy, he really knew what the score was! Well, I must have had the look on my face as a lost traveler who asked a stranger for directions in American English only to have that person look at the map in your hand then proceed to give you directions in another language you do not recognize and goes on and on pointing and making gestures as if you understand them then pat you on the back and walk away. You know that look you have on your face when you lose that dog that your wife shows more affection to than you and now you have to face her when you get home with nothing but the leash in your hand!   So, the next time someone asks that question of how many XJS cars are left and some bloke stands up with his Cyclopedic answer, ask him if he was the guy answering my questions in the London pub.


  • I’d love to see a consolidated, online db registry of remaining XJS’s, their VIN #’s, owners name, location, model & mileage. In would facilitate the exchange of information, NOS, new & used parts, etc.

    George E Kriese
  • I agree, I would love to now but how can you? I did do a little research and in the USA at least, a 5% mortality rate each passing year is about the average. So in theory, at age 20 all the cars of any model year should be gone through wrecks, fires, abandonment, junking, parting out, etc. In 2020 there should be 95% of 2019’s on the road, 90% of 2018’s, and so on. There’s obviously cars on the streets that are over 20 years old, right now, but they are an anomaly. So once you are over 20 model years old, statistically speaking it is a rare bird.

    Doug Hall
  • I’m quite happy in the knowledge that only 599 of my ’93 convertible 4.0 ’s were ever built.


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