Headlights Acrylic vs. Glass

Here we are, one of the most disappointing subjects on the XJS in the States. You love to drive, service and clean the car however when it is time to clean the car you look at the one thing that cannot be easily washed off and that is the ugly yellowing acrylic headlight lens.

You would replace them if you could, but Jaguar did not think it important enough to continue reproducing them. Those of you in European Countries never had this problem as yours was made of glass. But again Jaguar stopped reproducing the glass and as well is no longer available, that is of course until now.

As a long time XJS owner, I have suffered the pain of scrubbing the yellowing headlights every two years until I had enough, and after too many cleanings, eventually, they fade and become gray. I have found a solution to the no longer available facelift Carello oval single headlight lens from 92 to 96.

After long searching, I have found a custom glass manufacturer who will make them. We have the final cost to you which is close to the cost that Jaguar was charging per lens when they were available many years ago which was around $200 U.S. each. The reproduced ones will be available at $300 each lens. The lens will be to the exact making as the Euro glass. This is a very costly production and costs tens of thousands just to make the mold. We have sold some glass lenses to others when we had them. We have found the safest procedure of removing your current lens from the housing for easy replacing of the seal and new lens. We have many requests but need more in order to contract with the manufacturer. These are for all left-hand drive cars worldwide.

Therefore, I ask that anyone who is interested to please register your request on our site at www.jagxjsparts.com


  • Need those lenses. However, timing is bad. Looking at about February before I am confident in the budget. Too bad these lenses were not available when times were good.

    charles anton
  • Excellent news, thank you for getting this done. However before I put my name on the order list I would need to know when it would be available. Is it a matter of a few weeks? Or will it be months?

  • i am interested in a set for my 1995

    neil thomas

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