Have you seen the prices lately

Okay, let us first be clear that this article is not a broad brush across the board for all XJS cars. For example, for sure not the guy who bought that $500 rust bucket the late night that he celebrated Independence Day, Labor Day, presidents day, and Mardi Gras the same day. So you ask what venues am I talking about? Auctions and the best examples on Bring a trailer, Hemmings, lately on eBay, Cars.com, and the International leading auction houses.

I first addressed the increased value of the XJS as an emerging classic four years ago following a Hagerty forum where all of the collectors on the panel agreed that the XJS was a car to buy then as it was going to climb in value. Slowly but for sure here we are. Now, remember that these high-dollar cars are great examples and not the parts car as there is a huge difference. So you ask how much of a difference? As much as the weather in Miami and Toronto in December. Therefore, if you find one today in nice condition in the 20s and 30s, this is becoming normal and soon will be the bargain. The high dollar best examples are 50k to 70k.

Okay so now you are asking for me to look into a crystal ball. Sorry but that party guy I described earlier tried that and dropped it.

As I always recommend, do get a car with service records. We are very close to having some very fine examples on our site. But above all, remember that the car with service records should be at the top of your list, and that it is well worth paying for a PPI pre-purchase inspection. If you have your cats’ eye on some and do not know who to contact for one, remember that dealers love to earn money and a PPI is something I have found that most love to do. As a public service, I will look over any photos and share some advice. You can send photos and any supporting info at info@jagxjsparts.com


  • I have emailed you some questions.
    Thank you.

    Harold Wilson
  • Me gustan mucho los jaguar Xjs

    Richard Bauer
  • I have a very straight XJSC 87 V12 unmolested and in top mechanical order with no rust anywhere . But here in New Zealand struggle to get more than $20000NZ Uk would be worth double. 118000km

    Michael Crump

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