Going once, going twice.

Okay now that you have a good start with some historic facts relating to the high valuation of some classics and low on others, You may be considering parting with your XJS. I don’t know why you would want to do that, but this may be the case.

Some buyers love to brag about how cheaply they paid for a car as this in their mind, makes them think that they received the better end of the deal while the seller is left looking as if he just returned from the memorial service of his monkey. But most of us know what I have always said about the XJS. There is no such thing as a cheap XJS. For example, I mentioned last week that I had sold two of my elderly friends classic and rare 6.9 Mercedes but the market value on them is low. Well, his long-time mechanic retired last month and we tried a new one not far from the one who retired. He saw one of the cars and was so excited, he began to hump my ankle like a puppy in his new home.

Then when I sent photos of the other one in the garage of Jack's condo, he said a client wanted to buy the two cars and to bring both titles the next day. Jack was with me as we had just left one of his doctor appointments when my phone rang and the mechanic said the client wants the other car as well but not right now. I guess he expected me to walk around the bank of a river whistling dixie until he was ready.

So we show up as he was outside on the side street where I parked and I had one title in hand. For the second time, he asked if we can trade the car for service on a near-perfect 84 XJS and I again said no and let us keep the two separate. So I asked if he was ready to buy the 6.9 he had in the shop and he said yes, so I took the title out of the car and followed him until he said he could give me a part of the money. Now, this is where a strange thing happened. My left foot stopped in mid-air while stepping down and these words came out of my mouth as I showed him a bottom corner of the title and said I would give him a part of the title.   

I parted his company as fast as a billionaire would sign a divorce agreement where the spouse agrees to walk away with a McDonald’s happy meal. I am talking fast. So if you are ready to sell that project that you just cannot seem to get to or finish, we are buying them in all conditions including the million-plus red ones on the market lately. If you wish to advertise one in prize condition, then please do a little homework to evaluate what you have so you do not give away the store. Now, on the other hand, do not price or evaluate your XJS after the last night of that four-day family summer gathering where the family drunks convinced you that it may be worth a million dollars.

The auction houses are the best choice as your insurance company relies on their auction results to evaluate. You will want to look at the last two to three years to see if the numbers are real or were the event where two newly married who have more money than testosterone but will empty his pocket just to show the other guy that his measurements exceed the other guy on the floor with a similar story.       

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