Glass headlight lenses final request

We have been ready to begin the process of re-making the H4 Carello glass headlamp lenses as regulated in Europe and for all Left-hand drive XJS cars in America and around the world. This is for the glass lenses and not the housing. We are soon to make new housings as requested.

The plant has informed me that from start to finish will take around three months and we are having a limited amount made so if you want them, please follow the instruction below. It is particularly important to note that these are for the LHD (left-hand drive) made from 1992 to 1996 XJS. These glass lenses will replace the annoying yellowing acrylic ones in the States. We have located one of the last plants that can make these in NY that is ready and willing to take on a small order such as this. It took nearly a year of searching to find a glass manufacturer to make the lenses.

I announced a month ago that to make the glass lenses that so many in Continental Europe and America have wanted for years, that we need as many people as possible who would like a pair to please pre-order. We had several hundred people email us stating interest in a pair of these, but a small portion has pre-ordered. There will not be any extra lens available because of the high cost to produce glass.

Therefore, we need to close the window of opportunity to pre-order in 30 days. If we do not have enough to contract in 30 days, we will close the production and return the deposits we have received. If you want a pair, you need to pay a deposit of 50% of the total and 50% of the shipping. Once we have them in hand and ready to ship then we will request the balance. If you have any questions, please click on the contact us at the top of the page. Please click on the link here to pre-order 

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