Front end noise

Ok you take your treasured XJS out for a drive and you decide not to play any music this trip or you just have not yet turned it on. Now suddenly you hear sounds like cats and dogs fighting from the front end and its all new to you. All of your neighbors are out on this beautiful day watching as you leave as they have done many times before, looking and talking of course about you! Some of them have told you that they all envy you in your XJS and only wish they had the fortitude to buy one but are concerned about maintaining a happy marriage, and fear that their lunch money may suddenly be eaten up by some portion of the XJS if they purchased one.

Well now you can hear all this noise coming from the car and you know they can as well. No need to sink into the seat and looking straight ahead as if you did not see them. It is going to be Ok so no need to seek therapy although you know what they are saying about you and the car which includes all the Jaguar myths. Here is what you can do to identify what could be causing babies to cry in fear as you pass by. You can check the front shocks by unbolting them at the top and, reaching into the wheel well from below, compress them and let them expand again on their own. If they don't expand again on their own, then they are ready for the undertaker. If they don't offer any resistance to compressing, the same is the case. If they don't compress and expand smoothly, prepare for a memorial service for sure. Check the upper and lower ball joints. If the rubber boots on them are damaged or hard and dry, they should be replaced.

You may have several other issues as well. If your steering rack mounts have not been replaced yet, then this should be considered a priority as you could be all over the road and have a police officer stop you and demand you walk a straight line. Your squeaks may not be an actual cat fighting with a dog but can be coming from several other sources; the squeaks may be the forward front subframe mounts as they may be torn. Rubber parts up front include the shock absorber mounts top and bottom, and the top ones are more prone to ware first. The inner lower A-arm pivots, inner upper A-arm bushings, and the front subframe mounts. Any of those could be squeaking. And there are a few other things that could be squeaking and knocking, including the stabilizing bars across the top of the engine compartment from the firewall to the area above the wheels which may be loose.

As well as the cross brace under the engine compartment. If you have to go to a shop and are not a DIY person, I suggest you take the car to your mechanic if you have one, or you can take the car to a tire and front end service center and ask that they take a look. In such case I suggest you go to a place where they will take you into the shop and show you what they found and take photos of the items they point out if you do not have a relationship with them and you can always shoot us some photos with questions or post on your Jaguar facebook group with questions to get help for some clarity.

As soon as you resolve this issue, you can again smile at your neighbors with that look of, eat your heart out. So the moral of the story is this. Listen to your XJS more often so you can drive it with pride and continue to receive compliments.


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