Engine Oil Cooling Hose replacement

There has been a change in the last several years where there is a demand for early XJS parts I have observed that over the last five or more years many early cars are now surfacing as real barn finds as many of the owners are passing on and the estate is selling these cars. There seems to be a recent big demand for parts of the early cars.  What I have been looking for is a good clean car between 75 and 80 so we can dismantle to use its parts as templates for reproduction. Then we can move on to the next 81 to 84 then 85 to 88, 89 to 93 so we eventually will have every XJS covered. One of the biggest problems I have discovered is that most companies that make auto parts do so based on the annual volume which is my guess the problem Jaguar has had over the years. But after much chasing around,

I have successfully found some that will make extremely rare parts with top quality materials. I chose quality here in the States so once many items are replaced you need not concern yourself with them anytime soon. However, not inexpensive but fair considering the alternative of not having anything at all. We just began the first roll-out of reproduced parts starting with the oil coolers and the oil cooling hoses. They are limited for starters due to the cost of production. So we are producing in batches of 50.

Here we are offering the cooler and the hoses as a set for two reasons.

1) Because the factory oil cooler is made of aluminum and the hose connectors being made of steel causing galvanic corrosion over the years making it nearly impossible to successfully reuse the cooler as the threads tend to get stripped and damaged. And taking much time trying to disconnect and if you use a torch as I have then for sure the aluminum threads are ruined.

2) The cooler has years of old dirty oil and potential harmful deposits that are nearly impossible to get all out. Therefore, being reintroduced back into the engine. So once you disconnect the cooler you can toss it and start out fresh with a new cooler and hoses with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. The factory hoses have a threaded mesh in it but ours has a metal mesh for added strength. And the best quality was used and made here in the States. I did not skimp by choosing inferior cheap materials to keep the cost down but rather chose top quality for the best everlasting cooling performance. So many things on the XJS that need service and replacement are those that you do not want to do again. You should not be concerned about this issue for several years if even then. You can order the hoses alone but we highly suggest that you do not do this as I believe you should do it right and do it once.

We are waiting to hear back on how long some rubber parts will be before we have them in hand. If there are some other parts that are no longer supported by Jaguar that you would like to see reproduced ahead of schedule then we will do so with enough request. We are going to reproduce all XJS parts not readily available anyway but some before others. We are doing our best to address the most in-demand first but your request helps us get this done. Please make your request on our site through the contact form. You can order your hose and cooler kit here https://jagxjsparts.com/products/engine-oil-cooling-hoses-and-cooler-93-to-96-4-0?_pos=2&_sid=0490a93fe&_ss=r

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