Discovered rust. Now what?

Well, you could not take anymore seeing an XJS seemingly everywhere you were. You have photos plastered all over your home in every room. Yes including in front of the throne. You even have dreamt many nights and waking up to what seemed so real and walked into your garage only to find that new car that looks like everything else new on the road. Oh yes, you have it bad. Waking up in cold sweats and calling around to therapists offering bonus fees if they can just fit you in for an appointment. Going to confession and you’re not even Catholic!

Well, all this led up to losing sleep so you pulled out all the stops and have had enough and began your search, and just when you least expected there was one nearby that look so good to you that you had to place a bib around your neck due to your drooling. I’m talking about your favorite color combination, body style right down to your favorite XJS wheels. Wow! And double wow! It’s a good thing it is a reasonable morning hour because the bags under your eyes reveals just how much sleep you have lost over this so another sleepless night could cause heart palpitations leading you to dial E M S  for a trip to emergency.

So now you dial the number and your heart starts pumping like a drug addict who has not had a fix in 30 days and there it is just moments away from your door. So you grab your keys and rush off to the location of the seller and there it is, all those beautiful lines and curves and that engine bay is just calling out to you sounding much like those voices you were hearing in your dreams. What a relief, finally! And yes you came prepared with some cold water, a towel for the cold sweats and the bib is still around your neck and you stopped at the bank and pulled out the asking price ready to go. So you are so excited that you did not read my buyers guide How to buy an XJS or do any other reading that could help you through your addiction, and you dived right in as so many others have at times including myself.

So you signed on the dotted line, handed over the cash and drove the car home, and had Uber take you back much later to pick up your new daily driver. So now you still are losing sleep because you just cannot stop looking at it. You normally cook your meals at home but for fear that you forget what is cooking while in the garage and burn the house down, you opt for Uber eats and set up a table in the garage just in case you missed something from the daydream picture show you’re watching. At some point, you then decide to give the car a good look over. Oh no! you were supposed to do that before you bought it! As the song says, “Smoke gets in your eyes”. Well now you notice some bubbles in the paint in a few places, but you say that must have happened overnight. Well here is the skinny my friend. Never buy a car on a rainy day and never while intoxicated from too many drinks of passion for the car. There is for sure going to be some surprises. So you say okay LeRoy what now?

First, do some pushups and running in place to get the blood circulating well then go to your local hardware to buy a magnet and a roll of masking tape to wrap around the magnet. Once back home, take the taped magnet and test around anyplace away from the bubbles so you can get a feel for how it sticks to the metal. Then test all around the trouble areas and if it still sticks and everywhere else is the same, then my guess is you may be only dealing with a poor respray and if everything else is in great condition and you paid a very fear price then you hit a home run and all is not lost.

If however, the results are the magnet falling off and barely sticking anywhere, then you should visit a music store and a gun shop. The gun shop for the obvious and no not to shoot yourself lets not get carried away here. So the music store to buy a bugle to play taps before and after you take the car out of its misery and the next go-round, ask somebody who owns an XJS for moral support before buying and read everything you can about the car and also I recommend you pay a Jaguar dealership for a PPI pre-purchase inspection costing normally no more than $200 max. And remember, let this be a lesson to you.

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