Damaged windshields

So you have been servicing your XJS as a DIY and each time you push the envelope a little further and you are so proud of yourself and you should be! I know how it feels when I complete a task on any of mine especially when several things are not straight forward. So you have now performed an act of Arnold Schwarzenegger pushups and standing in front of the mirror telling yourself you the man. And now you are looking for anything that you are not happy with on the car so you can improve it and you begin to look at that nagging delaminating or chipped windshield. Or perhaps you have just returned from a wonderful event that left a big smile on your face ending in a pleasant drive in your XJS that was perfect until you were stunned by what sounded like a gunshot that was meant for you and then began to wonder if she was married! Well, most likely she was not and it was a rock or some other road debris that busted your windshield. Well, perhaps you should have a drink of something a little stronger than water, calm down from that I can fix anything high you are on and read this.

I have had experience with a very costly windshield replacement, I was driving my late wife’s 18,000 mi Rolls from our newly purchased historic home in South Carolina to pick her up as one of her daily drivers would not start. And before anyone starts on the more than one jag to compensate for downtimes, the car was one of our immaculate 85 Euro Mercedes 500 SEC of which I had already had Baker motors Mercedes in Charleston pick up the car and the next day found the connector on the starter damaged. Well, a truck full of small rocks with no cover lost one and it busted the windshield. I was able to get the plate number off the truck and contacted them and they wanted no responsibility. I began to call around to glass shops and when they heard the word Rolls, no one would touch the car. So I called our insurance agent near our home in Greenwich for suggestions as they did when some of the town's children from wealthy families were bored and decided to walk down Greenwich Ave and scratch up some cars and my wife had hers there that day when the car had only around 3,400 mi and they scratched the drivers' door which was joined by two Ferraris, an Aston Martin DB5, A Lamborghini, two Porsches where one cost around $400,000 and two Bentleys at the same body shop in Portchester NY just up the street from Greenwich where only the owner Chris Numme of Numme auto body moves the cars from one department to the other. The workers with dusty clothing never get in the cars.

So the agent informed me that I needed to take the car to a Rolls or Bentley dealership which Bentley Highpoint serviced our three Rolls when in the south. In addition, she informed me to just give her the truck company info and they may or may not pursue as under the law, any part of your windshield that you can see when looking out, if large enough is considered an obstruction of view and will be replaced by the insurance policy if you have full coverage at no cost to you, and this includes your deductible which in such case is exempt. Therefore, it is not worth your time or money to consider this a DIY. So you may say you do not have full coverage or it is not cracked but as the XJS is at least 25 years old you may have a delamination issue caused by moisture getting in between the windshield resulting in it turning grey or white. Still, I say the same.

Even professional installers sometimes break them during installation, and they have all the correct tools. Just call a pro and ask if they have replaced any XJS windshields and ask them what is involved while you are standing next to your XJS to see if they really are familiar with the windshield, comparing what you hear to what you see so you can be sure to get the best company for the job. And remember if you are insured, the insurance provider will make recommendations but that does not suggest it’s the best choice. Normally I would ask for at least three to choose from.

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