Buying an XJS in today's market

Most of us agree that the XJS is a really great looking car and in my opinion, a fantastic looking car which is the reason I bought one of each model made. Yes, there are some who disagree, for example, those that if you gave them the eyeballs of a healthy baby and commission Bausch and Lomb to make the strongest lens ever in history and place it in front of those baby's eyes, they would still fail to see it. So we will just buy them a ticket on a rowboat from NY to China and his beautiful wife stays. Now that should settle that debate.

There are more of them showing up lately coming out of the woodwork in every condition from show to the just needs a little TLC ad. Now that crowd must have heard someone say TLC and decided to just throw it in the ads of everything they are selling including their childhood dogs house that has never been moved from under a tree at the house they inherited from their parents 60 years ago. Picture that and it is befitting of most of those TLC ads. As the older guys would say in the Italian village I grew up in on Long Island “yea I got your TLC right here” while clutching the family jewels.   

Now, as for most of the XJS on the market not being too expensive, in my opinion, and the panel of experts on two Hagerty forums addressing emerging classics about four years ago, the XJS is a car not to sleep on because they considered it an up and coming classic that can still be bought in great condition for a super great price. The same as its predecessor the E-Type that around 18 years ago suddenly climbed from a 45k great example to as high as 200k. Now we must understand that in no manner is anyone advocating that the XJS will become a 200k work of rolling art as the E-Type and as Enzo Ferrari said it was the most beautiful car in the world. But also Enzo made that statement after one of his cars lost a race to the E-Type. So let's look at the cost of buying an XJS today.

You probably have noticed that the prices seem to be all over the place. This is due to most sellers being those who have owned it for many years or dealers or an estate. All want to move it as fast as possible. Now, on the other hand, Bonhams sold a one-owner that was well documented in like-new condition for 55k just over a year ago. Yes, you can find really nice condition examples for several thousand. I am sure that one day we are going to wake up and find that the XJS would have sold for 100k or more. Now how this happens is that you need a few top auction houses to sell them for such prices for it to become a consistent value. So you may want to grab a couple of examples of this let's say, rolling art that you can drive and enjoy while increasing in value.


  • Hope you are correct but l am a little more pessimistic because as the generation pass on the nostalgic factor will die out with them, so the market may become much smaller. The e type is a ridiculous price now at even that will fall, l am pleased l enjoyed them in the 70 s when they were newer and affordable .

    Michael Crump
  • AMEN……and having grown up on Li, I can attest to the Italian TLC comment.


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